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Sol the Scyther (Team Quick Blade Leader)

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Sol the Scyther (Team Quick Blade Leader) Empty Sol the Scyther (Team Quick Blade Leader)

Post by Echocave on Tue Mar 20, 2012 4:25 pm

Sol the Scyther (Team Quick Blade Leader) 56

Name: Solarian Cante (Sol)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Ability: Swarm
Level: 15

Quick Attack
Aerial Ace(tm)
Double Team (tm)
Nature: Serious

Characteristic: Quick tempered

Species: Scyther
Height: 6'08
Weight: 155

Sol was the youngest son of five, with three older brothers and one older sister. His brothers were expert fighters, both in hand to hand and weaponry, leaving little room for the young Sol to shine. he was charged with protecting his older sister, who was promised to another prominent family in marriage, but even then that was more of just running around being her servant. Fetch this Sol, or brush my hair Sol, even serve my meals Sol. Needless to say, he became rather bitter towards his family. As far as his parents were concerned, their oldest children were the best of their family and Sol was just the 'extra'. He was there in case something happened to the other four.

No one was really surprised when his sister ran out on her wedding with some servant she had a fling with, but the man she was promised declared blood from Sol's parents. Rather than give up their title or their own prominence, they gave up Sol to be a servant in the others house. There he was treated no differently than his sister had, but with considerably more free time when they bored of him. In his spare time, he took up foreign fighting techniques, and soon mastered several arts that his own brothers would have been too afraid to even dare. When his new Lord saw his potential, he put Sol into training as a assassin. The boy excelled.

In a few short years, Sol became well known for his skill and his ability to get the job done. His confidence soared and he moved up in the world. No one else his age had come even close to his achievements, and no one dared challenge his. But he still felt a bitter resentment to the family that tossed him aside. Anyone caught treating them the way they did was quickly given a verbal lashing, if not a physical one, and was sent out on their ass. Sol was his own man now, and he would never let anyone call him inferior again.
Getting his own house and earning a name for himself caught the attention of his sister, who was looking to leave the servant but a bit too proud to look to her family. But her brother who'd once been practically her servant didn't seem too bad to adjust to. She arrived at his door in her usual splendor. He looked at her coldly as she asked for help and Sol spoke
"Why should I help the high bitch? Go back to your darling papa and ask him to release you from your 'incorrect marriage'. Only thing you've done for me is leave." With that he slammed the door in her face and smirked. He needed no one, unlike her. He stood on his own. One day a package came to his home, wrapped in a well tied ribbon. Being at least a bit careful with the package he cut the ribbon and looked inside. A green orb glowed. He blinked and carelessley reached out to touch it
He was surronded by darkness and opened his eyes before the blade pokemon scyther. It stared back at him with harsh eyes and it smirked. The pokemon leaped at him and they joined together. Next thing Sol knew he was in an odd world, with odd people, and stuck doing what he hated the most.
Cooperating with other people.
User notes:
-Almost all the backstory was created by the great Mewtwo from Epidemic Johto
-Will fight anyone who tries to treat him like an underling
-Not sure what time period he's from


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