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Eve the Eevee (Team Elemental Leader )

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Eve the Eevee (Team Elemental Leader ) Empty Eve the Eevee (Team Elemental Leader )

Post by MoonlightEve on Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:55 pm

Eve the Eevee (Team Elemental Leader ) Eevee_Gijinka

Eve Moon

Run Away
Shadow Ball(TM)
Double Team(TM)

Highly Curious


Eve was always the odd ball out. Her brothers and sisters were stronger and bigger then her, so no matter what she never got the chance to prove herself. So she learn the ways of Charm making. Being a Charmer was one of her strong points as she found out. Her master told her that she was the first in a long time he had trained a natural charmer. Eve may not be the best at hand-to-hand combat, but she makes up for it in her athletic nature and her ability to make Charms.

As Eve got older, her Charm work got better and better. Soon she could defeat her brothers and sisters without even using attack. Her parents were alittle worried that one of the Charms could back fire, but nothing of the sort ever happen. Eve was very proud of herself and was ready to leave on her adventure. Her Charms keep her alive and well as she journeyed the area, but the longer she traveled the more the storms came.

From the start she was afraid of storms, but once she started to travel, everything got worst. For Eve every storm felt like Hell it's self. She hid from every storm and she would run from the Thunder and Lightning, but she could never escape from the storms, because they started to haunt her dreams, but in the dreams she was never alone.

She always had someone with her, but she never knew who they were and in every dream they was a different person. Ok, the storm freaked her out, but seeing a different person in the dream with her, now that's scary, but she always found comfort with this said person. They would comfort her and tell her the storm would end, but it never did. So in one of these dreams, Eve was running in the storm and tripped over something that was a rich brown and tan in color, but before she hit the ground, the Evolution pokemon Eevee appeared. As her eyes met the Normal Types eyes, she awoke with a start and laying in front of her was the object. Before she could do anything, her hand lay on the orb, then she blacked out. When she awoke she lay outside of Treasure Town and was fused with the Eevee she saw in her dream.

User notes:
-Is very easily scared
-Hates to be in the middle of a storm
-Doesn't know what eeveelution she wants to evolve into yet
-Loves Taki's
-Can make and use any kind of Charm

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