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Team HoveringStones.

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Team HoveringStones. Empty Team HoveringStones.

Post by CianaOfTheArts on Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:41 pm

Team HoveringStones. Tumblr_lrhhmczHIO1qhverfo1_500

Thunderwave Cave Entrence | Dawn 1

I paced back and forth, knawing nervously on the wore that I always had with me. I may have been super early, but I was still beginning to worry that none of my team would come. With an exastperated sigh, I snapped the cord from my mouth, throwing my head back to stare up and around me. The Thunderwave Cave was just by a forest and many spring green trees towered over me, the chirping of tamed pokemon calling to one another as I watched the sky become a light blue. I began to absently swing the cord in vertical circles next to me as I watched the tre
es sway ever so slightly in the breeze.  This world was nice. It was so much cleaner and more natural than the one I could vaugely remember growing up in. My impossibly blue eyes narrowed slightly and I began to send small currents of electricity through the cord without realizing it.

It seemed only a day ago that I had become a Rescue Team Leader, and in truth it actually was but that is besides the point, but I had not even looked to see whom I would be leading. I quickly shrugged that off with a joyful grin. It wouldn't matter! I would have lotsa fun with them! I giggled happily, my gaze dropping back to the cave's entrence with a triumphant smirk. The forest stopped several meters away from the cave and just solid rock surrownded the entrence. I was so excited that a bolt of electricity shot out of the end of the cord, making me sqeak with suprise. I quickly recovered, though, and popped the wnd into my mouth with a giggle. I allowed the electricity to run through the cord and into my mouth, tasting better than any food I could ever remember.

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Team HoveringStones. Empty Re: Team HoveringStones.

Post by MoonlightEve on Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:50 pm

Team HoveringStones. Tumblr_lshgpuOYIj1qerfvxo1_250
Thunderwave Cave Entrence | Dawn 1

The night gave way to the dawn and Nightmare made his way toward Thunderwave Cave. The meeting place for Team HoveringStones. The human huffed as he switched from walking on Four to Two legs. Damn humans. Their bodies aren't built for walking on Fours. He growled as he saw another human. He stepped closer and huffed as he watched the girl smirk and giggle. He growled at himself. I can't believe that's my leader?! You've got to be kidding me?!

He just growled and walked toward the girl. Hey, you Team HoveringStone's leader or what? He asked with a slight glare. He really didn't want to be in a Rescue Team anyway. He could so be doing something worth his time. His blue eyes seemed to flicker with a slight madness as he looked upon his new "leader."

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