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Len the Growlithe [Team Darkfire Leader]

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Len the Growlithe [Team Darkfire Leader]

Post by Embara on Sun Mar 18, 2012 9:11 pm

Len Cairo



Flash Fire


Dig (TM)


Somewhat stubborn


5' 7"


Len was born in the small town of Pallet in Kanto. He has been around pokemon ever since he was a baby since both his parents used to be trainers when they where younger that there pokemon where now living with them in there home. Out of them all, Len liked his fathers Arcanine the most, which was now made into a police dog since his dad became a cop.
He wasn't home a lot, traveling all over Kanto to help people in trouble, and he didn't want his family to suffer by moving all the time, so his Len and his mother stayed in Pallet town, seeing his dad whenever he was able to come visit.

On Len's 10th birthday, his father brought him back a pokemon egg as a gift, since he knew that 10 was the age a child could become a trainer, and being surrounded by pokemon, it was easy to tell Len was eager to start his journey at a very young age.
He took care of his egg with much care till it finally hatched, and he was so happy with the pokemon that came out of it. A Growlithe, the pokemon he had aimed to catch once he started traveling, but no longer needed to worry with since it was now his first pokemon.
The two started there journey about a week after his Growlithe hatched, wanting it to get used to the world before going out with Len to become a great trainer, and hopefully champion of Kanto.

Len always wanted to be a hero, so he had a hard time turning down requests when they where given to him, and most of the times he failed miserably, ether falling out of a tree, or into a pond, he always found some way to embarrass himself.
Len was climbing a tree to try and get a better view of the area, since he was completely lost, but on his way up, he found a strange orb. It was like the colour of fire, with a hint of black, he didn't understand what it was, but his trying to figure it out, led to him falling out of the tree.
He hit the ground with a thud, the wind getting knocked out of him before he blacked out.

When he came to again, he was still under a tree, but in an entirely different area then when he was last in. And the strange orb was gone, and so was Len's Growlithe. He figured the little guy ran off to go find help, though, after a few hours of sitting there and waiting for him to return, he figured it was time he went looking for him.
With no idea of what happened, he wondered around looking, though he had a funny feeling, like he wasn't the same anymore. He just got more confused when he finally found a town, filled with people, that where half pokemon.
He finally started to understand what had happened. He had been transported to a different place because of the orb, and was now fused with his best friend, Growlithe.

User notes:
- Still doesn't have much of an idea of what is going on, but knows enough to not ask any questions.
- Likes to try and be a hero.
- He enjoys singing.
- Still not used to having a tail.

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Re: Len the Growlithe [Team Darkfire Leader]

Post by Giratina on Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:20 am



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