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Elliot the Honchkrow[DarkFire Team; Rougebleu]

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Elliot the Honchkrow[DarkFire Team; Rougebleu]

Post by MaidraMakara on Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:08 pm

Name: Elliot Krow
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Ability: Insomnia
Level: 14
-Perish Song(Egg)
-Shadow ball(TM)

Nature: Bold
Characteristic: Proud of its power

Species: Honchkrow
Height: 6'04"
Weight: 130lbs

Elliot was always a bit of a ladies man. He had many lovely women friends, all of which he had dated at least once. The best part was none of the girls were jealous of the other because he was honest and open about his relationships. His choice of pokemon however did not reflect on Elliot's nature at all. For his pet was a low level'd Honchkrow. This Honchkrow was spoiled and pampered, but still he stole from others. This often ended up in Elliot having to return objects to his lady friends because his pokemon would steal their jewelry.

This only made him more popular because of his honest nature. Elliot was in fact so popular that he was forced to go into hiding because all the ladies would swarm him everyday. It became to much for him to bear and he eventually moved to a new town. Like before he made more lady friends and spent time getting to know each one. While Elliot enjoyed his life, he wondered if there was something more. Some sort of adventure out there maybe. Sadly he did not wish to leave the town he was in because he was actually settled and some what happy.

About two months later Elliot met a particularly odd lady. Not to say that she was ugly, but rather her behavior was odd, as if she was trying to get rid of something but could not quite do it. Eventually she just stormed off in a frightened hurry. Before Elliot even had the chance to make sure that Krow had not taken anything. As usual Elliot found Krow in the study. The bird seemed to be staring at a raven black orb. Curious, Elliot picked up, as the orb fell into his palm Elliot blacked out. when he re-awoke he found himself laying upon a pile of sticks in someplace called Sharpedo's Bluff.

User notes:
-Ladies man
-Well mannered
-Likes shiny things.

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Re: Elliot the Honchkrow[DarkFire Team; Rougebleu]

Post by Giratina on Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:23 am



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