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Legendary: Celebi

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Legendary: Celebi

Post by Celebi on Sun Apr 01, 2012 1:13 am

Name: Kaia Ambrosia
Age: 90 (Looks 13 and was 13 when fused)
Gender: Female
Ability: Natural Cure
Level: Unknown
Moves: AncientPower, Magical Leaf, Energy Ball(TM), Recover
Nature: Timid
Characteristic: Alert to sounds
Species: Celebi
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 98 lbs
Kaia lived in an orphanage, her parents had tragically passed away from a massive fire when she was only seven. The orphanage had a small garden that had no life at all before Kaia came to the orphanage. She loved gardening, the garden was soon filled with life, Pokemon even came to play in the garden. However, bad things happened at the orphanage as well. She was often bullied for her size, innocence, and quiet nature. They would tell her that she was worthless and that she would always be alone everyday. This drove Kaia to hardly come out of her room, she would only come out if she were to be interviewed by potential parents or to tend to the garden.

Once, a boy knocked on her door and asked for her to come out so they could play outside on the playground. Kaia couldn't believe it, and she followed the boy outside. When she walked opened the door to go outside and walked out, she was pelted with water from a bucket by a girl waiting for her. Five other children came out, they had been hiding, and pointed and laughed at her. Some took pictures. Kaia stood there, frozen in shock. She then ran back into her room, sobbing.

One day, a newlywed couple had decided to interview Kaia. They asked her questions, she answered normally. However, when they asked her if she had any friends, she screamed at them that she didn't and she never will, which then led to her running out of the room, crying. Kaia ran away from the orphanage. She had a rough time on the streets, she often had to beg for money and food. Giving up on this terrible life, she returned to the orphanage. The first thing she did was water her garden.

While watering about ten beautiful daisies, Kaia found a small, light green orb with a leaf below it. This intrigued her, and she slowly picked it up, both the orb and the leaf, into her small hands. She suddenly felt something hug her from behind. As she quickly turned around, it was a small, pixie like Pokemon Kaia knew was the legendary Celebi. Suddenly, a bright light shone and she found herself becoming one with the legendary, and ending up in a world she was very unfamiliar with.

User notes:
~She is very shy, and will hardly speak when first introduced to someone unless she has to.
~She takes the leaf that was below the orb with her as a reminder.
~Her feelings are hurt easily.
~She doesn't know how to make friends, but is kind by nature.
~Scared of fires.

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Re: Legendary: Celebi

Post by Moltres on Sun Apr 01, 2012 2:25 pm

Approved. ;3

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