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Lilith the Spiritomb [Team HoveringStones]

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Lilith the Spiritomb [Team HoveringStones] Empty Lilith the Spiritomb [Team HoveringStones]

Post by Embara on Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:46 pm

Lilith the Spiritomb [Team HoveringStones] E0hmwx






Shadow Ball (TM)
Faint Attack
Shadow Sneak


Hates to lose


5' 9"


Lilith was born in Snowpoint Sinnoh to a family that wasn't fond of pokemon. Her parents didn't like them at all, and thus kept Lilith away from them ever since she was a child. Though what her parents didn't know is that when there daughter went out to play, it wasn't with other kids she played with, it was with the pokemon that lived in the area.
She had a best friend who was a Sneasel, and she always wanted to bring him home to her parents, but knew they would get mad at her for it, so they secretly played together in the snowy forest right next to the city.

When Lilith was ten years old, she ran away from home to pursue her dream of becoming a pokemon trainer, with her goal being the champion. She was going to train hard, hard enough that one day she would be able to take the title of Champion from the current one. So she and her Sneasel partner, set out to pursue that dream together.
Like she thought, her parents had sent out a missing person report, and it was only a matter of time before she was found out. She had gone far, but not as far as she would have liked to have gone. She managed to make a team and was ready to start collecting gym badges, but now she had to make sure no one could tell it was her.
Lilith changed her look a little, growing out her hair and wearing cloths that didn't make her look like she came from a cold place, but she still had to be carful. She never told anyone her last name, and when she did, she lied about what it was. But she kept her first name.

A few years had past, and in those years she got tired of running and confronted her parents about everything. Of course they where mad, told her she was making a huge mistake, but like always, Lilith didn't care and continued to pursue her dream of becoming Sinnoh's champion.
While she was traveling to the next gym, she had stopped to take a breather cause she had been walking for hours none stop. During her stop, she found a strange orb. It was a purplish colour, but it looked like it had hints or green in it, but it was hard to tell. Then, out of nowhere, a Spiritomb comes out and attacks her. She had been warned there was one in the area, but she figured she could handle anything.
Lilith let out a surprised scream before lifting up the orb in defense, though she didn't feel any attack, she just felt herself pass out.

When she came to again, she felt different, though it wasn't in the good way. Lilith felt light headed, and when she saw the strange floating things around her head, it just make her freak out even more. She kept trying to make them go away, but they kept coming back.
She couldn't explain it, or the chains around her wrists and ankles, though, it all started to make a little more sense when she saw the key stone around her neck, the same key stone that a spiritomb had. She had been transported to a new place, fused with the same pokemon that had just attacked her only a few moments ago.

User notes:
- Not to happy with her new found accessories. (Chains, floating orb things around her head, as well as heavy key stone around her neck.)
- Is stronger then she looks.
- Absolutely hates bugs.
- Is always hearing a strange whisper in her head, though she can never make out what it is or what its saying.

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