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Ashley the Charmander

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Ashley the Charmander Empty Ashley the Charmander

Post by TailsFoxStar on Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:48 pm

Ashley the Charmander 24uyc5i

Name - Ashley Violet or "Ash"

Age - 20

Gender - Female

Level - 14

Moves -

Ember (Learned)
Swagger (TM)
Aerial Ace (TM)
Brick Break (TM)

Nature - Timid

Characteristics - Quick to flee

Species - #004/ Charmander/ Lizard Pokemon

Height - 5'5"

Weight - 108

History -

User Notes -

- Tends to be scared of a lot of things, but she will fight to her death if needed be.

- She has scars all over he body because she was ripped up. Her body under he clothes as huge scars and indents in her body that look like fresh wounds, but are just horrible looking scars.

- Her tail burns blue and white because she's experienced harsh and incredibly painful things in her human life.

- Half based on a friend. ;3

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