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Rules for Mods

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Rules for Mods

Post by Giratina on Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:35 pm

Moderator/Legendary RP:
- Any mod who goes over their time in the RP will have one fusion orb stripped from their main account. If all orbs are in use, a Meanie will be assigned to randomly kill one of your characters.
-The second time this happens the moderator will lose their legend, and their powers.

Mod Duties:
- If duties are not performed as they should be, there will be one warning sent out. If inaction persists, then the mod account will be removed and one fusion orb will be stripped from the users main account.
- Any content or information restricted to the staff threads/subforums are for staff eyes only. Information is NOT to be leaked to non-staff.
- Main account names are NOT to be shared with users. If users hassle you to reveal what your other account name is, PM Darkrai with the names of the users. Warnings can be given out for harassment. If the users persist it will result in a ban.

- Mods have the power to ban anyone in chat or in the site. This is not to be abused. Penalties for doing so will result in a possible ban.
- Offensive or disrespectful talk in the chat is to be punished by the verbal warnings and ban if it persists. It is up to the discretion of the mod to decide what is disrespectful; especially if it is upsetting others. We want to keep arguments and drama to a minimum.
- Certain topics that are needlessly inflammatory should be dropped. Mods have the power to get people to drop the topics if they feel it's necessary.
- If any of our staff shows misconduct in any of their accounts, they are subject to getting their staff rights stripped without warning.

Warnings for chat:
(3 verbal warnings, following a chat report to an admin.)
Three warnings are the standard. Chat reports are screenshots that are to be taken of the conversation in question and submitted to an Admin after the mod has banned/kicked the offending user.
First chat report- 3 day chatban
Second chat report- Perma chatban

Banning of a user from the site is strictly restricted to the admins. If a moderator is caught banning a member from the site their legend will be killed, their powers stripped and a warning on their main account.


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