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Ermac the Spiritomb (WIP)

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Ermac the Spiritomb (WIP) Empty Ermac the Spiritomb (WIP)

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 20, 2012 5:56 am

Ermac the Spiritomb (WIP) 2yuytt3
Age: 38.
Gender: Male

Ability: Pressure.
Level: 13.
Moves: Curse; Hypnosis; Shadow Sneak; Telekinises(TM)

Nature: Serious
Characteristic: Mischievous

Species: Spiritomb the Forbidden Pokemon.
Height: 5' 8" (1.73 m)
Weight:180 lbs (82 kg)

A nameless person, locked in a single cage. That's all it's known mostly. Suffering from several identity problems and with violent outbursts of violence that would injury people around him and himself he was locked in a cell on a Psychiatric Hospital Asylum and chained to a wall to increase the security. Many thought this would prevent this beast to escape, but they did not expected anything like the current events to happen. One day a strange orb has fallen at the feet of the poor being. He hasn't seent he light of days since he was 18 years old, which it was when he was incarcerated. He was extremely thin and slightly hunched thanks to the chains, he picked up the orb curious about it...He noted it was purple and had strange green spots, it reminded him of tales of a pokemon named Spiritomb that he read about in books.

As the image of the pokemon went through his mind the orb started to shine and suddenly it shattered, the pieces flung into him and cut him deep. He screeched as a strange mist and liquid that were pouring from it slided inside of him after a few agonizing minutes he looked around, there was nothing different...Yet. Soon he screamed in even more pain, his face contorced and desfigured, he could feel his teeth and lips curl and sharpen and fuse together, the area around his eyes was stretching painfully. He trashed and clawed at his face to get rid of this horrible pain. A unit of guards came quickly but once the door opened they saw something...horrible. He now had a large zigzagged grin, large green eyes frozen in a demonic smirk, he was free from his chains which now had orbs on it and were connected to a large rock.

At this moment he was restrained yet again and dragged over to a special room. It had an electric chair on the middle while several other diabolical devices around, he could see several other inmates around, it was highly possible there were one hundred or more of them, as he was strapped and tied to the chair he could hear the oderly and the guards say it's time to put the end to his life. They turned on the devices and the human was violently electrocuted...But something went wrong. Suddenly a large skull made by green electric energy floated above him. The skull was than shattered into several beams of energy which attatched to each of the inmates, all those maniacs, assassins, murders and criminals melted by the strange power. They did literally melted in which only blood lasted off of them.

Everyone was covered in fear, as the display stopped. Everything was consumed by darkness, a blade was heard moving followed by flesh being cut. Shouts of demanding for the lights to be restored echoed. Once the lights returned there was nothing different besides the blood covered cells. Their attentions turned towards the one in the electric chair...their faces were frozen in horror. As he dropped the blade he was holding he stepped out of the darkness. Now visibly with more muscle than before, several faces cut into his body, long purple hair and with a green smokey mist coming from the face-scars on his body and from his own mouth. After 20 years and some more...He had become something new...something frighting. It was not a human anymore. This being was a Major Error.

We Are Ermac! We are Many! You are all but one! Everyone that opposes us shall face our Curse!

Not one survivor is known to have survived...What about Ermac? He now walks through the world, recently joining a Rescue team to start his own life and find his purpose...No more being caged. It's time to LIVE!

User notes:
-Seems to suffer from many psychological problems such as Multiple Personality Disorder and sadism.
-Speaks of himself as a group instead of a single individual, changing "I", "My" and "Me" for "We", "Our" and "Us".
-Often haves a Morbid and Dark humor.
-May sit on the keystone or sometimes even use it as a weapon to smash against foes.
-Often walks on all fours due the chains that bound him to the keystone are too tight for him to walk up straight most of the time.


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