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Twisted Times. (Plot outline)

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Twisted Times. (Plot outline)

Post by Giratina on Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:52 pm

Humans and pokemon live in separate worlds. Though sometimes a human will get sucked into the world of Pokemon and become a pokemon themselves. However eventually the human returns to his/her own world.

However lately strange objects called 'Fusion Orbs' have been appearing all over the place merging humans and pokemon upon contact with the orb. The merged creatures are called Gijinka some are good others not so much. But the particularly nasty humans and pokemon that have become Gijinka's have taken to forming teams in which they use to pilfer dungeons and hurt other Gijinka. And while there are some normal pokemon left the remaining humans have disappeared.

Unlike in the past Arceus is actually around, he's asleep now but he's around. Even these strange Orbs baffle him as he attempts to think of a solution the rest of us legends will work together to unravel the cause of these orbs and attempt to reverse the effects. It wont be easy, especially with the newest group of evil-doers. They call themselves 'The Meanies' and they halt progress at every turn, it seems some just don't want to give up this power.

Your job is to form rescue teams. The purpose of the teams is to prevent the evil teams from overrunning the dungeons, and stop them from causing harm to others. All the while you explore looking for clues as to how this could have happened.


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