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Persian the Banker

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Persian the Banker

Post by Persian on Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:05 pm

Name: Silvian Lioncourt

Age: 30

Gender: Male


Level: 55

Nasty Plot

Nature: Relaxed

Characteristic: Alert to sounds

Species: Persian

Height: 6'2

Weight: 183

Oh Silvian was always a bit hypnotized by the sight of gold, he loved the soft metal in his hand. But then again who doesn't love a good bit of gold? He grew up in a bit above average french household where his father always told him that money was power and strenght, gold was the root that they needed to follow. The boy couldn't agree more with his handsome and powerful mannered father. As the years went by he became an educated young man, he went to paris and worked at a bank. He gained much experince over the years of working there, he of course counted coins for the bank at first, loosing himself in the precious mineral for hours. But gold wasn't his only obsession he found fun in other things such as football(soccer) and entertaining pretty women. He always returned to his coin though.
His boss was a bit worried on this, wondered if the man had ever snatched a few coin for himself. This question remained unanswered for Silvian was the counter so if he had wanted to he could put a certain number down and snatch a few coins for himself. No one is sure it he ever did. Eventually he rose to become manager and one night...

Silvian was working late as usual, and there was a noise inside the bank upon inspection he found two burgalars trying to steal the money from the safe and an unknown fury went through him. A vast protectivness of the money and gold and silver that was hidden inside there. Instead he took a chair and slammed it on the back of their heads in a fit of anger. The safe cracked open and a light peered at him, out of intrest for the money's saftey he pushed it open some more to discover an orb, it was so pretty that he touched it.
Next thing he knew he was face to face with a persian, out of curiousity he reached out to touch the coin on it's head to see if it was real. You know the old saying 'Curiousity killed the cat...But satisfaction brought him back."
Next thing he knew he was a mix of man and cat, after growing used to it and the odd world he'd been thrown into he opened a bank and continued on with his life.
User notes:
-Sometimes will use french words and be very... french
-can usually be found at the bank counting the coins
-You can trust him to protect your gold, but never attempt to steal from him
-Can be flirtatious


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Re: Persian the Banker

Post by Moltres on Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:37 am

Approved. <3 I might add he seems very interesting~ lol

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