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PMDG Badge League

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PMDG Badge League Empty PMDG Badge League

Post by Giratina on Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:55 pm

After a certain amount of posts you will acquire a badge. This badge is has no special effects like the in game ones, instead you get special extras for each one you earn.

0 posts; No badge
25 posts; Normal badge; +1 Fusion Orb, 100 poke(points)
35 posts;Bronze Badge; +1 Fusion Orb, 200 poke
45 posts; Silver Badge; +1 Fusion Orb, 300 poke
55 posts; Gold Badge; +1 Fusion Orb, 400 poke, +1 Shiny Orb
65 posts; Platinum Badge; +1 Fusion Orb, 500 poke
75 posts; Diamond Badge; +1 Fusion Orb, 600 poke
85 posts; Lucario Badge; +1 Fusion orb, 1000 poke +1 Shiny Orb

Each badge may be acquired once per character. In order to obtain a badge the post count for the character must be added in the header for each post. When the character has reached a sufficient number of posts to obtain a badge, post in this thread with a link to the characters team thread.


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