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Character Creation Empty Character Creation

Post by Giratina on Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:39 pm

(You must read the rules and accept before continuing on with this step.)

Welcome to the Fusion Room
This is where you will find stacks of Fusion Orbs. Taking an orb will infuse you with a pokemon and then push you into the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Where you are not exactly human any more.

(click here to begin a new character)
NOTE: Legendaries are NOT allowed to be playable characters. Please do not choose one, it will not be accepted.

Level caps for members:

No badges; lvl 15 and under
1 badge; lvl 30 and under
2 badges; lvl 45 and under
3 badges; lvl 60 and under
4 badges; lvl 75 and under

This level cap only affects your characters when they are first introduced. Your character can still grow, so don't feel like you have to be up at the top. It makes the story much more interesting if there aren't a bunch of all powerful Gijinkas running around.

Character sheet code:


Image: A centered image of your character
Name:Your characters name there is no limit
Age: Your characters age, again no limit.
Gender: Female or Male, Genderless may be either of the two, or androgynous

Ability: The ability (only one) of your pokemons species, no dreamworld abilities.
Level: Please follow the level caps stated above and in the rules.
Moves: Only ones your species can learn and they must be appropriate to your level. TM's and HM's are allowed, seeing as how some HM's are necessary to reach certain dungeons.

Nature: Use from the list provided [url=]here[/url], and only one.
Characteristic: Use from the list provided [url=]here[/url] and only one.

Species: what pokemon species are they fused with.

Describe the past of your character as either the human or the pokemon before the two fused.

User notes:
Any extra notes about your character


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