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Information on the Town Square.

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Information on the Town Square. Empty Information on the Town Square.

Post by Giratina on Wed Mar 14, 2012 8:01 am

Here in Town Square you will find everything you need for a successful team.

The Kecleon Shop, which is run by the Kecleon brothers has many items for sale. Their stock changes often, so check back often.

Persian's Bank, run by Persian. His job is to keep track of your pokè while you explore, so that in case the Team leader dies and you are forced to restart a dungeon you don't lose it all.

Item Warehouse, this is run by Kangaskhan. Since you lose your items when you go on missions you can store your items here for safe keeping.

Move Fuser is currently closed.

The Kecleon shop works by the team leader(or any team member) going in and spending pokè on items by posting in the thread. the post should look something like this;

Kecleon brothers I would like to buy your items
Item one x2
Item two x3

Total pokè spent; 300 pokè

When posting in Persian's Bank, or Kangaskhan's Item Warehouse, you would use a similar format to posting in the Safe House;

Kangaskhan, please look after my Items for me;
Items you want stored;
Item one x4
Item 2 x8


Persian, please hold onto my pokè for me;
How much pokè you currently have;
How much pokè you wish to deposit;


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